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There are reports of possible KHV in our area, so please take all precautions as this disease could devastate fishing in our area and particularly our own waters.
Anglers hold the key to stopping the spread of KHV. Here are three simple things you can do to help the cause.
1 - Let the sun do its work
Dry your nets – nets that are damp and chucked in the garage will harbour infections that can live for weeks on end.
But by putting your nets out on the lawn in sunlight once you get home, you are almost guaranteed to kill any infections.
If you are unable to dry your nets at home, lay them out on the bank at the fishery before your session, giving them at least 45 minutes in direct sunlight.
2 - Tend to your stink bags
Empty stink bags – the stagnant water that collects in the bottom of these can also harbour deadly bugs.
Tip the water out of your bag, making sure you do this well away from any venue so that it can’t seep in. Keep your stink bag open while you are fishing and allow the sunlight to dry it, killing all the bugs in the process.
3 - Sterilise your nets
Use net dips – hundreds of commercials insist on visitors fully submerging their keepnets in a chemical solution before they start to fish. Although there is a lot of debate as to how effective dips are in the fight against disease, there is certainly no evidence to suggest they cause harm, and when in place they should be used.
Drying your nets after they have been dipped makes it even more likely that all bugs will be killed.

CDAA Secretary's  monthly report:

Welcome to my first monthly report, this will be my way of keeping you up to date with what has been happening during the past month, not only within our own club but anything of note that has happened in our area that I feel you should all hear about. With this in mind please do let me know of anything you think we might all like to hear about including any notable catches you make or events you've heard about.
We hold Committee meetings on the first Tuesday of every month and I will be letting you know if there is anything that comes up that you should be aware of, and if there is anything you would like to make the Committee aware of do contact us as if we do not know of something then there is nothing we can do about it.
At the bottom of this report  you will find a "dates for your diary" section which will list matches and any CDAA events happening during the following month.

Sadly I have to start my first report  on a serious note:
Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) - There is a confirmed outbreak of this disease in our area and we all need to be vigilant, advise has been posted on both Facebook and the club website so do please take note and make sure your nets are completely dried between going to fish at another water as this is still the best way of stopping the spread of this virus and other diseases. Fortunately due to the quick actions of the lake owners this outbreak has, currently, been contained and we hope it stays that way.

But things do get better:
Pennybridge20 – A very successful day and well attended (approx 200 people) and the weather finally assisted us at lunch time. Roger Funnell, who organised this event, said Nick Fisher (a past member who officially opened the lake 20 years ago - )  confirmed he thoroughly enjoyed the day. The Junior who assisted on the music stand is being given a free Junior Membership as agreed by all. Des Shipp had a great time catching about 40lb of fish during the day and it's safe to say most of our match guys are hoping he doesn't turn up at one of their matches! He did give some of them some very good advise though so hopefully they'll put that to good use in the future. The profit made was £62.60. It was discussed and agreed  that profit was not what it was about, but putting on a good day was the main priority which it certainly did.

Mill House Farm - Our newest water is quickly becoming more popular since improvements were made to the access, thanks to a grant from the Angling Trust, and the stocking of some more Tench and Crucian Carp. Reports of good catches are coming in and we would be grateful if members could let us know what they are catching there, as well as from our other waters.

Scaland Wood - This water saw major improvements at the beginning of June, again thanks to an Angling Trust grant, with the car park being enlarged along with improvements to a stretch of very soggy bankside which also happened to be the main access route to the roadside bank. This water is now more easily accessed by all our members and we hope you continue to enjoy it, after all we own this one and further improvements are planned and will take place over time.

Sea anglers - Our sea section are struggling at present to find enough anglers wanting to take a place on the boat trips so if you are interested get in touch with John Manktelow, his contact number is in your handbook.

Lady anglers - This year has seen the Ladies section go from strength to strength with the Ladies Trophy going from a single one day event to a three match series plus a Ladies only Have a go Day. If you are interested then contact Sandra at Crowborough Tackle for more information.

Well that's all for this month so tight lines
John B


Matches and events for your diary in August:

2nd                Senior-Eve                Underhill
12th               Junior                        
13th               Senior                        River Rother - Wittersham         
Field-Buss Trophy - 2nd leg
20th               Ladies                        
Mill House Farm
26th               Junior                        Oast Farm Lake                              
The Lawrence Junior Shield
27th               Senior                       
Hartley Lands - Pear Tree lake
27th               HagD                          Pennybridge                                                Have a go Day


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