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AGM Report 2017
AGM Prize Winners 2017
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AGM Report 2017

The Club held their 68th AGM and prize giving evening on Tuesday 11th April 2017 with 48 people in attendance.

Honorary Secretary Dave Stanbridge began his fifth and final annual report. He noted The Committee is made up of a diverse group of people much in the same way as a Women’s Institute or Parent Teachers Association Committee. They are first and foremost fishermen and women who understand fishing and the needs of the membership along with administration, organizational, technical and professional skills all of which ensure the club is run effectively.


He went on to say the world is changing, as is Britain and the organisations with which we consult and report to, all of which has an effect on CDAA. The Angling Trust has evolved and Fish Legal has been added. The Trust became part of DEFRA which is a Government Department and this controls works undertaken by the Environment Agency (EA) to whom your license fee goes.


Hon. Sec revealed he has had a few words over the years with the Angling Trust and Environment Agency on many matters and he had been instrumental in the changing of the insurance policy, which was no minor task. This has meant the relationship has not always been to their taste having been forced to accept the changes to their own insurance policy. He hoped the new Honorary Secretary would have a better relationship with them.


Hon. Sec made it known the Club has been forced down the road of fish ownership and this task is 99% done. He referred to an example where a club had stocked a water only to be told than when they lost the rights to fish the water, they lost ownership of their fish.


Since the last AGM the issue of the trustees has been cleared up. When Scaland Wood was purchased, the Town Council required four individuals to act as Trustees of the Water. This was completed but a "Trust Deed" was never drawn up. This has now been done and accepted.


Since the last AGM the issue of Corporation Tax has been resolved. To explain this; when the Club applied for special "non taxable" status certain rules applied. These rules have now been amended which means that each club like ours had to complete a return confirming that our status continued. This was more complicated than first thought and involved Corporation Tax. I am pleased to report that the matter has been resolved and we should not be troubled in the future.


Hon. Sec. then moved on to fishing and Club waters. He advised we have no control over the River Rother, Weirwood Reservoir, Bough Beech Reservoir, More House Farm or Gabriels Fishery. A date had been fixed for Danesfield Wood repairs and work to fix the leak on the lake dam, although other matters have arisen that may lead to a deferral of this work once again. Scaland Wood has seen vast improvements carried out in recent times and will have further work carried out in the near future. The Honorary Treasurer will outline the costs in his annual report. During the last year Mill House Farm has been restocked and undergone significant access work making access much easier for all. Pennybridge continues to be impressive and recently there was a request from a Bride to have some wedding photos taken at the lake and we were very happy to be able to grant her request. Underhill has undergone significant work to swims and the island. Wirgol, despite the hill remains very popular.


There have been reports of good catches at all venues throughout the year.


Hon Sec. said that much praise must go to the Water Management Officer who organises each working party to carry out works on the waters. The manpower is stretched at times so please do participate when or if you can. There will always be more work so please do monitor the various communication streams.


Hon. Sec. announced Lifebuoys have been added at waters where necessary, because of changing health and safety regulations, ensuring we comply.


The Honorary Secretary reported on the Clubs’ Sea Section. 2016 started with all January - March trips all being cancelled due to weather. Cod catching on trips to wrecks never materialised as the Cod failed to show up. The summer trips were mainly spent fishing the Plaice grounds and these resulted in excellent catches with the best trip producing 143 Plaice many of which were specimen fish. The autumn arrived but unfortunately again the Cod did not. There was a good show of Whiting, Tub Gurnard and Conger Eels. 2017 started as 2016 had with the first 3 months trips cancelled due to the weather. The trip last weekend produced good Pollock with 42 being caught between 4lb and 10lb. It also produced 5 Codling and 5 Bass, which due to the current laws and bans were returned.


Hon. Sec. announced the Clubs Ladies Section was thriving but new participants are always welcome.


Hon. Sec. also reported that the youth section continues to grow and thrive and has seen the production of our Carl and Alex, two excellent ex Juniors and our Guests of Honour this evening. There was a very special mention for Master Ruben Lewis who was selected for The England Talent Pathway Programme through the Angling Trust and Ruben has confirmed he greatly enjoyed the experience.


There was a special mention for Pennybridge and the fact this year is the 20th Anniversary of the opening of this water. A special event will be held on the 24th June 2017 to mark this anniversary with stalls and guests and of course fishing.

The Honorary Secretary closed his report stating this was of course his last report and extended warm thanks to all the committee members who have helped with work and tasks such as stuffing envelopes, printing, posting etc. Hon. Sec. said he would not name names but asked that all members respect these men and women who do a great job in running the club for the membership. He finished “Thanks again and all my best wishes go to you all.”







Guests of Honour Carl Smith and Alex Smith with (left to right)
John Manktelow, Helen Nicholson-Herpe, Dave Cottington,
Alfie Ludbrook, Colin Ryall,
Roy Williamson, Roger Harris, Daniel Taylor,
Sam Weedon, Peter Errey,
Josh Edwards, Fred Whitehead and Peter Errey, Ruben Lewis,
Ken Morrison, P.Orr

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