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AGM Report 2018
AGM Prize Winners 2018
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AGM Report 2018

On Tuesday 17th April we held our 69th AGM & prize giving evening at the Social Club in Crowborough. Once again this was a popular event and we would like to thank the 50 or so members who attended and helped make the evening a success once again.

Cris Millis our Chairman started the proceedings with his opening speech:
Good evening and welcome to the 69th AGM of your fishing club good to see so many of you have made the effort to attend.

Our guest of honour this year is David Wilkins who is a Senior Enforcement Manager for the South East Region of the Angling Trust, David will be giving a short talk on the activities of the Angling Trust  and will be presenting the cups and trophies, and we extend a very warm welcome to David.

As you will hear later during the Hon Sec and Hon Treasurer reports all is good and the club has progressed well in the last 12 month.

You may well be aware from the apologies for absence that neither our Hon Sec or Hon Treasurer could make the meeting tonight my sincere thanks to Dave Stanbridge, Peter Boorman for stepping into their shoes tonight. I would also like to thank Dave Flint for doing the minutes of the meeting.

A big thank you to Sandra at the tackle shop, as you will hear later membership is up, Sandra's back in Crowborough any connection?  I would also like to mention Ian and Helen, as you may be aware Ian is disabled and consequently can't help at working parties, but can he work that kettle well! My thanks to both of you for making working parties a more enjoyable experience.
Whilst in the thank you mode I would like to express my appreciation to the committee and members who have attended working parties for their hard work during the year.  My thanks also to Sue at Crowborough Shoe Repairs for engraving the cup and trophies and to Roy Williamson for his help in collecting  and awarding the trophies.

Since standing before you last year 3 former committee members have passed away, namely Will Murrel, John Kelly and Keith Wilson all these gentlemen worked hard for the club in a number of roles especially Keith who held the post of Hon Secretary for many years.

Additionally we have also lost recently 2 popular members namely Maurice Isted and Pierre Orr (Hawky), we are especially indebted to the Isted family for the generous donation of fishing tackle which was sold and the proceeds of will be used to finance and promote junior anglers.

I'm sure you would wish to join me in a minutes silence in respect and remembrance of these fellow anglers. 

Minutes silence

Thank you

Now with the economy in the doldrums and low interest rate all this can be rectified by the purchase of one or more of our raffle tickets, our chief arm twister Dave Cottington will be visiting you during the meeting in order to give you financial security for the future.

This was followed by Apologies for Absence and the acceptance of last year's AGM Minutes and then  our new Hon. Secretary  John Butler's report who due to work commitments was unable to attend so it was presented by Dave Stanbridge, whom John replaced last year:
Dave started with a comment about the difference between himself and John whilst patting his stomach and he also mentioned the fact that both the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer were absent at the same time with the Hon. Secretary at a business meeting in Thailand whilst the Hon. Treasurer was on a diving holiday in Milton Keynes!

He also stated that, having previously been Hon. Secretary, the role was not an easy one especially for someone in full time employment and that John was doing a great job.

He then went on to read out John's prepared speech with interjections (see in brackets):
Good evening everyone I am sorry I am unable to make the AGM tonight, but needs must and work dictates I have to be in Milton Keynes, oh joy of joys.

As the Chairman said it has been a busy and good year for CDAA and a lot of hard work has gone into making sure our Club is growing in size and reputation. We are well known for our Junior Section and Match scene and have a thriving and active Ladies section.

Membership numbers are bucking the trend and growing while other clubs are closing and contact has been made with us from some of those clubs.

It is with regret that unless there is a volunteer/s to run the sea section, then the club have no option but to cease working on this aspect. That would be a shame as the club was originally formed as a sea angling club. Members could of course still arrange matches and book boat trips etc, but this would be outside of the committee’s jurisdiction. (Dave asked if there were any takers, or if anyone wanted more information about the role, and if so to speak to Cris M after the meeting).

There is a role within the committee for a Fundraising Officer and this needs to evolve really and we are therefore looking for someone in the club who may have the required skill set to take this on. As well as   promoting events like the very successful race night which Roy Williamson did an excellent job of organising, it also requires the possibility of applying for funding through the angling trust and other bodies for grants and sometimes the lead in time can be tight on these so it needs someone who can act quickly. If you think you might be able to assist with this, please do contact me directly or speak to another committee member. (Dave asked if there were any takers, or if anyone wanted more information about the role, and if so to speak to Cris M after the meeting)

We have acquired a new water at Oast Farm between Buxted and Uckfield which offers a fantastic days carp fishing, but not just carp as there are good size roach and Rudd among others in there. The working parties have done an excellent job with the owner in making this really accessible with newly constructed swims and
tree clearances to make access and comfort for fishing first rate. The farm has a great shop and cafe with deals on coffee and sandwich for CDAA members fishing there.

Going forward we will all as a committee continue to work to make the club as successful and popular as we can and we are always open to new ideas and therefore if you think you have anything to offer whether it be an idea you want to put forward, help at working parties or attend meetings and maybe join us on the committee, then your ideas are always valued and welcome. Please have a great evening and well done to everyone involved in running the club and who participate in the club and a special mention to all those about to get up and collect your trophies for your efforts in the last season. (The Hon. Treasurer did an exercise last year to see how many hours are being put into maintaining our waters and although we are currently coping this would be prohibitively expensive if we had to pay to have it all done professionally so we welcome all offers of help from members . We are looking at another commercial water, as these do not have     to be maintained by ourselves. In the future we may have to give up some waters, we have Scaland Wood which is ours and paid for. Dave finally thanked Cris Millis for his amazing work as club Chairman for the last 18 years .)

Next up was the Hon. Treasurers report which was presented by Assistant Treasurer Pete Boorman in the absence of Cliff Milledge.
Good evening and apologies for my absence. Let me start by saying we have had another great year. Membership numbers are up we have a new water in our portfolio (Oast Farm) and our reserves are up. You should all have a copy of the audited accounts which confirm how the club is continuing to grow.
I would like to highlight a number of things that have happened this season:
£2800 spent at Scaland Wood, covered by another Angling Trust grant.
Danesfield Wood dam repaired, costs largely covered by the Owner.
Pennybridge dam repaired, costs covered by the Owner.
Oast Farm, a free lease secured and £860 spent in bringing the lake back to purpose.
I would like to thank all members who assisted in the completion of all of the above works.
Pennybridge 20 - This was a celebratory event, but still managed to raise £93 for the Club. Thanks Roger F. Race Night - A joint event with Crowborough Social Club. This raised a whopping £340. Thanks Roy Williamson.  I would also like to thank First Diesel for sponsoring the Junior Day and Crowborough Tackle for supplying all the bait, amongst other things, for the Have a Go Days.
We also received donations from the families and friends of John Kelly and Mr Isted, who both sadly died during the last season. The Kelly family will be placing a commemorative bench at Scaland Wood, and the Isted family have set up a fund to reward the Junior winners of the First Diesel Junior/Senior cup by paying for a keepsake trophy and covering the cost of their next seasons membership.
Finally I would advise you that due to the continued good health of your club the committee are proposing no increase in subscription costs for the 2019/20 season.

We then had the election of the Clubs Officers which are listed elsewhere on this website and we would like to thank Lyndsay Black, Derek Blakeway and Pete Gotts who have all volunteered their time to join the Committee.
This was followed by a presentation by our Guest of Honour Mr David Wilkins – Angling Trust SE Senior Enforcement Manager. David gave a very good presentation on what the Angling Trust is doing to fight fish theft and rod license evasion along with a slide show. He also gave out various leaflets containing information on how and where to report  anything anglers may spot that does not appear to right. His talk was very well received.

After this we took the opportunity to tuck into the buffet and replenish our glasses at the bar after which our Hon. Membership Secretary made a short speech:
Further to our earlier announcement about the sad loss of Maurice Isted we would like to extend our thanks to the Isted family, represented by Peter and Tiny tonight, Maurice's sons. They have generously made a donation to the club to enable one Junior a year to be gifted a year's membership to the club and a trophy to keep forever. This donation will roll over for some years and we would be pleased to invite the family to attend the presentation of the membership and trophy if they would like to do so each year. I know Maurice would be happy to enable young people to carry on the sport we all love. He was always keen to support youngsters, so thank you very much Maurice and your family.

This was followed by the presentation of the prizes by David Wilkins (see the pictures below) which was then followed by the raffle which raised £146!

That concluded the evening with everyone finishing their drinks and telling their own "fishy tale". 


Roger Funnell receiving the Presidents Trophy - John Manktelow receiving the Presidents Medal


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