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Wednesday Matches

For further information on the Wednesday matches please contact our Freshwater Match Steward Roger Funnell on 01892-663512. Pegs are drawn at 5:30pm and the matches run from 6:00 - 9:00pm

The "H" Cup (Wednesday Match Trophy)
Current Standings 2017


28th June More House Farm - Sidewinder (£2pp) 15 pegs
6th July (Thursday) Weirwood - Club House Side 20 pegs
12th July Underhill 15 pegs
19th July Pennybridge 20 pegs
27th July (Thursday) Weirwood - Club House Side 20 pegs
2nd August Underhill 15 pegs



21st June at Pennybridge 

1 C.Ryall 3lb 8oz
= R.Funnell 3lb 8oz
3 P.Cook 1lb 6oz
4 M.Stefanko 1lb 3oz
= R.Harris 1lb 3oz
6 C.Hawkins 1lb 0oz
7 I.Rogers 0lb 13oz
= P.Gotts 0lb 13oz
9 N.Peters 0lb 9oz
= F.Whitehead 0lb 9oz
11 D.Midmore 0lb 4oz

14th June at Underhill

1 M.Stefanko 12lb 10oz
2 P.Cook 7lb 1oz
3 R.Funnell 6lb 7oz
4 N.Peters 2lb 12oz
5 C.Hawkins 2lb 9oz
6 F.Whitehead 1lb 14oz
7 D.Midmore 1lb 7oz
8 R.Harris 0lb 11oz
9 C.Ryall 0lb 6oz

7th June at Millhouse Farm

1 R.Harris 5lb 5oz
2 N.Peters 3lb 13oz
3 P.Gotts 3lb 8oz
4 C.Hawkins 2lb 13oz
5 C.Ryall 2lb 11oz
6 R.Funnell  2lb 2oz
7 D.Midmore 1lb 7oz
8 F.Whitehead 1lb 4oz
9 P.Cook 0lb 14oz

31st May at Underhill

1 C.Ryall 11lb 10oz
2 R.Funnell 5lb 8oz
= F.Whitehead 5lb 8oz 
4 N.Peters 4lb 7oz
5 I.Rogers 3lb 8oz
6 P.Cook 3lb 1oz
7 D.Midmore 2lb 13oz
8 C.Hawkins 2lb 4oz
9 P.Gotts 0lb 15oz

24th May at Scaland Wood

1 C.Ryall 26lb 8oz
2 A.Hunisett 24lb 0oz
3 M.Stefanko 9lb 14oz
4 F.Whitehead 8lb 0oz
5 N.Peters 4lb 0oz
6 C.Hawkins 0lb 12oz
7 D.Midmore 0lb 5oz
8 I.Rogers 0lb 0oz

17th May at Pennybridge

1 F.Whitehead 3lb 5oz
2 D.Midmore 3lb 4oz
3 R.Funnell 3lb 2oz
4 R.Harris 2lb 13oz
5 C.Hawkins 1lb 12oz
6 P.Gotts 1lb 2oz
7 N.Peters 0lb 14oz
8 I.Rogers 0lb 3oz


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