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Wednesday Matches

With congratulations to Colin Ryall that is this seasons Wednesday evening match series finished, we hope to see you all again next year.
For further information on the Wednesday matches please contact our Freshwater Match Steward Roger Funnell on 01892 663512. Pegs are drawn at 5:30pm and the matches run from 6:00 - 9:00pm

The "H" Cup (Wednesday Match Trophy)
Final Standings for 2017



2nd August at Underhill

1 C.Ryall 7lb 6oz
2 R.Funnell 6lb 8oz
3 I.Rogers 4lb 8oz
4 R.Harris 1lb 2oz
5 C.Hawkins 1lb 0oz

27th July at Weirwood Reservoir - Club House Side

1 C.Ryall 13lb 1oz
2 R.Funnell 10lb 9oz
3 P.Cook 6lb 9oz
4 P.Gotts 6lb 8oz
5 C.Vickery 5lb 0oz
6 C.Hawkins 3lb 8oz
7 I.Rogers 2lb 1oz
8 D.Midmore 2lb 0oz
9 F.Whitehead 1lb 7oz

19th July at Pennybridge

1 R.Harris 5lb 12oz
2 C.Ryall 5lb 8oz
3 R.Funnell 5lb 0oz
4 I.Rogers 4lb 2oz
5 P.Cook 4lb 1oz
6 C.Hawkins 1lb 13oz
7 N.Peters 1lb 12oz
8 F.Whitehead 1lb 9oz
9 D.Midmore 1lb 0oz

12th July at Underhill

1 P.Cook 9lb 7oz
2 C.Ryall 7lb 8oz
3 R.Funnell 5lb 14oz
4 R.Harris 4lb 13oz
5 N.Peters 3lb 7oz
6 C.Hawkins 2lb 3oz
7 I.Rogers 2lb 0oz
8 F.Whitehead 1lb 4oz
9 D.Midmore 0lb 0oz

6th July at Weirwood Reservoir - Clubhouse Side

1 P.Cook 13lb 8oz
2 C.Ryall 11lb 10oz
3 R.Funnell 11lb 2oz
4 I.Rogers 5lb 9oz
5 F.Whitehead 3lb 2oz
6 P.Gotts 2lb 7oz
7 C.Hawkins 2lb 4oz
8 D.Midmore 0lb 10oz

28th June at More House Farm - Sidewinder Lake

1 C.Ryall 65lb 4oz
2 R.Harris 45lb 0oz
3 M.Stefanko 37lb 0oz
4 F.Whitehead 36lb 0oz
5 P.Cook 32lb 8oz
6 C.Hawkins 23lb 0oz
7 I.Rogers 22lb 12oz
8 R.Funnell 17lb 10oz
9 N.Peters 14lb 4oz
10 D.Midmore 10lb 14oz
11 P.Gotts 10lb 0oz


21st June at Pennybridge 

1 C.Ryall 3lb 8oz
= R.Funnell 3lb 8oz
3 P.Cook 1lb 6oz
4 M.Stefanko 1lb 3oz
= R.Harris 1lb 3oz
6 C.Hawkins 1lb 0oz
7 I.Rogers 0lb 13oz
= P.Gotts 0lb 13oz
9 N.Peters 0lb 9oz
= F.Whitehead 0lb 9oz
11 D.Midmore 0lb 4oz

14th June at Underhill

1 M.Stefanko 12lb 10oz
2 P.Cook 7lb 1oz
3 R.Funnell 6lb 7oz
4 N.Peters 2lb 12oz
5 C.Hawkins 2lb 9oz
6 F.Whitehead 1lb 14oz
7 D.Midmore 1lb 7oz
8 R.Harris 0lb 11oz
9 C.Ryall 0lb 6oz

7th June at Millhouse Farm

1 R.Harris 5lb 5oz
2 N.Peters 3lb 13oz
3 P.Gotts 3lb 8oz
4 C.Hawkins 2lb 13oz
5 C.Ryall 2lb 11oz
6 R.Funnell  2lb 2oz
7 D.Midmore 1lb 7oz
8 F.Whitehead 1lb 4oz
9 P.Cook 0lb 14oz

31st May at Underhill

1 C.Ryall 11lb 10oz
2 R.Funnell 5lb 8oz
= F.Whitehead 5lb 8oz 
4 N.Peters 4lb 7oz
5 I.Rogers 3lb 8oz
6 P.Cook 3lb 1oz
7 D.Midmore 2lb 13oz
8 C.Hawkins 2lb 4oz
9 P.Gotts 0lb 15oz

24th May at Scaland Wood

1 C.Ryall 26lb 8oz
2 A.Hunisett 24lb 0oz
3 M.Stefanko 9lb 14oz
4 F.Whitehead 8lb 0oz
5 N.Peters 4lb 0oz
6 C.Hawkins 0lb 12oz
7 D.Midmore 0lb 5oz
8 I.Rogers 0lb 0oz

17th May at Pennybridge

1 F.Whitehead 3lb 5oz
2 D.Midmore 3lb 4oz
3 R.Funnell 3lb 2oz
4 R.Harris 2lb 13oz
5 C.Hawkins 1lb 12oz
6 P.Gotts 1lb 2oz
7 N.Peters 0lb 14oz
8 I.Rogers 0lb 3oz


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