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Sea Matches


The club run a series of boat and beach matches throughout the year. All members are welcome to take part. The matches are organised and run by our Saltwater Match Steward John Manktelow. For further information contact John on 07903-109197 


The Eastbourne boat (Aladard) is a fast twin-engined Lochin 33 with fish finder and navigation systems. Parking is available within the harbour complex. The charge for a nine-hour, wrecking trip, assuming eight anglers is £60 per person.

The Dover boat is called Gemini.

The Weymouth and Alderney trips are in a boat called Offshore Rebel.

Please note all prices are approximate. Those wishing to go on wrecking trips should provide a £10 deposit beforehand. Anyone wishing to go on these trips should contact either John Manktelow - 07903-109197 or Cris Millis - 01892 663501

Saturday January 14th Eastbourne
Saturday March 4th Eastbourne
Saturday April 8th Eastbourne
Saturday May 6th Eastbourne
Monday - Friday May 15th - 19th Alderney
Saturday June 17th Eastbourne
Saturday July 8th - CANCELLED
Saturday July 29th Dover
Saturday  September 9th Eastbourne
Saturday October 7th Eastbourne
Saturday - Sunday 21st - 22nd October Weymouth
Saturday November 18th Eastbourne
Saturday December 2nd Eastbourne


4th February - off Eastbourne

No Result



26th November - off Eastbourne


29th October - off Eastbourne

1 M.Arnold 27lb 0oz
2 J.Manktelow 26lb 0oz
3 M.Hughes 17lb 8oz
4 S.Bliss 17lb 0oz
5 C.Millis 10lb 0oz

8th October - off Eastbourne

1 J.Manktelow 47lb 0oz
2 M.Arnold 33lb 0oz
3 M.Hughes 21lb 0oz
4 R.Lowrie 20lb 0oz
5 B.Dimmock 19lb 19oz

17th September - off Eastbourne


30th July - off Eastbourne

1 M.Hughes 17lb 12oz
2 M.Arnold 16lb 8oz
3 A.Colliver 11lb 0oz
4 J.Manktelow 8lb 12oz
5 M.Lovell 6lb 0oz

25th June - off Eastbourne

1 M.Hughes 11lb 0oz
2 M.Lovell 6lb 12oz
3 J.Manktelow 7lb 4oz
4 S.Bliss 5lb 12oz
5 M.Arnold 3lb 8oz
6 A.Colliver 0lb 0oz

28th May - off Eastbourne

1 J.Manktelow 26lb 8oz
2 R.Lowrie 18lb 0oz
3 M.Hughes 13lb 8oz
4 M.Arnold 12lb 8oz
5 B.Dimmock 11lb 0oz

30th April - off Eastbourne

1 R.Lowrie 22lb 0oz
2 M.Arnold 19lb 0oz
3 M.Lovell 17lb 0oz
4 M.Hughes 15lb 8oz
5 A.Colliver 13lb 8oz

2nd April - off Eastbourne

1 M.Arnold 22lb 8oz
2 M.Hughes 20lb 12oz
3 B.Dimmock 17lb 8oz
4 M.Lovell 14lb 10oz
5 J.Manktelow 10lb 8oz
6 A.Colliver 9lb 0oz


 The following beach matches have been arranged for the Autmn and Winter.
For further information and to secure your place, contact our Saltwater Match Steward John Manktelow on 07903-109197

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No Results Just Yet

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