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Junior Matches

For further information on the Junior matches please contact our
Junior Match Steward Roger Funnell on 01892-663512.

The Wilson Junior Trophy
Final Standings 2018


                  Ross with Dave Cottington and the Wilson Junior Shield                                               Ross with Dave Cottington and the Junior Cup                                          Ross and Mike Waters with the First Diesel Junior/Senior Shield  


Pegs are drawn at 9:00am and the matches run from 9:30 - 12:30pm

*** *** *****

** Junior’s fish as a partnership with an adult angler, i.e. a parent who is an angler, or a Senior Club Member will be found to fish with any junior who requires a partner.
The match will be followed by burgers and hot dogs from our barbecue.

2018 - RESULTS

6th October at Pennybridge
First Diesel Junior/Senior Match

1 Ross Waters/Mike Waters 3lb 13oz
2 Emma Crowhurst/Dave Cottington 3lb 12oz
3 Jake Crowhurst/Roger Funnell 2lb 10oz
4 Amber Blakeway/Roger Harris 1lb 12oz
5 Patrick Colbran/Colin Vickery 1lb 4oz
6 Cai Blakeway/Derrick Blakeway 0lb 10oz
7 Leo Hall/Peter Gotts 0lb 3oz

22nd September at Scaland Wood

1 Ross W 2lb 14oz
2 Ajay A 2lb 11oz
3 Patrick C 1lb 6oz
4 Cai B 1lb 2oz
5 Leo H 0lb 12oz

15th September at Underhill

1 Leo H 1lb 1oz
2 Ross W 0lb 15oz
3 Ajay A 0lb 13oz
4 Amber B 0lb 8oz

25th August at Oast Farm
The Lawrence Junior Shield
(not for points)

1 Cai B 51lb 2oz
2 Patrick C 19lb 7oz
3 Jake C 17lb 8oz
4 Amber B 12lb 10oz
5 Leo C 8lb 5oz
6 Ross W 6lb 0oz

11th August at Underhill

1 Ross W 3lb 1oz
2 Ajay A 2lb 12oz
3 Jake C 1lb 4oz
4 Emma C 0lb 10oz
5 Leo H 0lb 2oz

28th July at More House Farm
The Maurice Isted Memorial Cup
(not for points)

1 Amber B 18lb 0oz
2 Emma C 12lb 8oz
3 Leo H 11lb 0oz
4 Cai B 9lb 0oz
5 Ajay A 6b 6oz
- Ross W DNW
- Jake C DNW

14th July at Underhill

1 Ajay A 3lb 5oz
2 Ross W 1lb 13oz
3= Amber B 1lb 3oz
3= Emma C 1lb 3oz
5= Jake C 1b 0oz
5= Patrick C 1lb 0oz
7 Leo H 0lb 14oz
8 Frank H 0lb 11oz

7th July at Scaland Wood

1 Cai B 5lb 3oz
2 Leo H 3lb 8oz
3 Ross W 2lb 3oz
4= Amber B 2lb 2oz
4= Emma C 2b 2oz
6 Ajay A 1lb 12oz
7 Jake C 1lb 6oz
8 Patrick C 1lb 5oz
9 Frank H 0lb 8oz

16th June at Underhill

1 Ross W 6lb 5oz
2 Ajay A 4lb 6oz
3 Leo H 2lb 6oz
4 Patrick C 2lb 3oz
5 Frank H 1lb 13oz
6 Cai B 1lb 12oz

9th June - the Alistair Purves Memorial Trophy - at Pennybridge

1 Christopher L 2lb 0oz
2 Ross W 1lb 14oz
3= Jake A 1lb 7oz
3= Patrick C 1lb 7oz
4 Ajay A 1lb 5oz
5= Henry H 0lb 14oz
5= Luke H 0lb 14oz
6 Amber B 0lb 11oz
7 Frank H 0lb 9oz

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