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Club Records

Only freshwater fish caught in Club waters or saltwater fish caught in Club organised competitions qualify for Club record fish. A member wishing to claim a new Club record must submit a claim signed by a witness, giving details of the fish, i.e., species, weight, length, date, time, together with a supporting photograph if possible.

If you've caught a fish that isn't on the list and you think it should be, then let us know.


Barbel Open - - -
Bleak 1oz July 2013 Blackwall Bridge D.Cottington
Bronze Bream 5lb 8oz August 1981 Greenwood Gate R.Bowles
Catfish 12oz June 1990 Wirgol I R.Brown
Carp (Common) 22lb 4oz May 2013 Gabriels Fishery (Oak Lake) J.Howland
Carp (Crucian) 2lb 5oz June 2001 Weirwood B.Gibbins
Carp (Crucian) 2lb 5oz September 2011 Wirgol II M.Milledge
Carp (Leather) 12lb 2oz September 2000 Holts II V.Bones
Carp (Mirror) 25lb 4oz July 2013  Weirwood Reservoir A.Grange
Chub 5lb 8oz November 2012 River Eden P.Meiners
Dace 13oz  October 1981 Ashurst S.Maker 
Eel 3lb 14oz  August 1994  Holts II  D.Cottington 
Golden Orfe 12oz  September 1993  Scaland Wood  K.Wilson 
Goldfish 1lb 10oz May 2018 Scaland Wood Mrs.N.Park
Grayling 8oz  1980 Ashurst  T.Smith 
Gudgeon Open - -
Perch 4lbs  March 2014  Scaland Wood M.Waters
Pike 37lbs  June 1997 Hole Farm Cackle Street P.Brown 
Pumpkinseed 2oz  June 2009  Underhill  J.Manktelow 
Roach 2lb 1oz  June 2013  Wirgol I M.Waters
Rudd 2lb 12oz  February 1980  Ashurst  B.Parfitt 
Tench 6lb 4oz  June 1997  Pennybridge  R.Veitch 
Tench (Golden) 0lb 4oz June 2017 Pennybridge R.Waters
Trout (Brown) 5lb 3oz August 1997  Eridge Stream  R.Cottington 
Trout (Rainbow) 6lb 12oz  April 2012  Weirwood A.Bellamy


Bronze Bream 1lb 14oz July 2010 Pennybridge Miss E.Prowse
Carp (Common) 19lb 12oz 1988 Wirgol I A.Purves
Carp (Crucian) 2lb 2oz July 2004 Pennybridge J.Dawe
Carp (Leather) 5lbs 1987 Rotherfield Hall S.Frith
Carp (Mirror) 23lb 4oz July 2013 Gabriels Fishery (Admiral Lake) T.Warren
Perch 1lb 12oz September 2010 Pennybridge R.Manger
Pike 7lb 8oz November 1971 Buckhurst Park D.Perrett
Roach 1lb 4oz September 2010 Pennybridge A.Smith
Roach 1lb 4oz May 2014 Scaland Wood B.Harris
Tench 5lb 5oz September 1996 Holts II M.Summer
Tench (Golden) 0lb 4oz June 2017 Pennybridge R.Waters
Trout (Rainbow) 6lb 12oz April 2012 Weirwood A.Bellamy


Bass 6lb 2oz August 1993 Folkestone P.Buick
Dab 12oz 1968 Dover C.Button
Flounder 1lb November 1981 - J.Field-Buss
Mullet (Thick Lipped) 5lb 7oz August 1998 Shoreham B.Mullins
Mullet (Thin Lipped) 2lb 10oz June 1990 Cuckmere Haven J.Colvin
Plaice 1lb 10oz September 1991 Langney Point C.Millis
Pollack 1lb 12oz October 2000 Eastbourne A.Squires
Pout 1lb 5oz October 2000 Eastbourne J.Manktelow
Rockling (Shore) 5 1/2 oz April 1990 Langney Point G.Colvin
Silver Eel 1lb 4oz 1983 - W.Turner
Sole 1lb 3oz October 1990 Langney Point A.Killick
Whiting 1lb 6oz September 1976 - J.Norman



Ballan Wrasse 2lb 3oz  November 2004  Eastbourne  G.Wheeler 
Bass 11lb 8oz  December 2011  Dungeness  A.Colliver 
Bream (Black) 4lb 6oz  September 1998  Ramsgate  J.Manktelow 
Brill 3lb 4oz October 2001  Eastbourne  S.Westguard 
Bull Huss 8lb 8oz  July 1990  Hayling Island  K.Kelly 
Coalfish 3lb 8oz January 2009 Eastbourne C.Kelly
Cod 24lb 8oz  February 2003  Eastbourne  G.Wheeler 
Conger Eel 75lbs  July 2002  Eastbourne  G.Wheeler 
Dab 13oz  July 2006  Dungeness  J.Manktelow 
Dogfish (Lesser Spotted) 2lb 12oz  Pre 1990 Hayling Island  P.Spiers
Flounder 10oz  April 1990  Hayling Island  E.Mower 
Garfish 1lb 14oz  May 1990  Hayling Island  C.Kelly 
Gurnard (Red) 1lb 10oz  August 2002  Dover  N.Potts 
Gurnard (Tub) 3lb 4oz  May 2004 Dungeness B.Johnson 
Ling 30lb 4oz  July 1991  Littlehampton  K.Kelly 
Mackerel 2lb 7oz  June 2000  Eastbourne  G.Wheeler 
Mullet (Red) 1lb 1oz  October 2002  Eastbourne J.Manktelow 
Plaice 5lb 10oz  October 2003  Eastbourne  J.Manktelow 
Pollack 16lb 8oz  February 2003  Eastbourne  C.Millis 
Pout 4lbs  July 1992  Littlehampton  V.Evans 
Ray (Blonde) 18lb 12oz  Pre 1990  Littlehampton  A.Colliver 
Ray (Spotted) 4lb 5oz  May 1998  Littlehampton  C.Millis 
Ray (Thornback) 12lbs  Pre 1990  Littlehampton  C.Millis 
Ray (Undulate) 12lb 4oz  May 1998 Littlehampton  C.Millis 
Rockling (3 Bearded) 6oz  April 1990  Hayling Island  S.Hares 
Rockling (5 Bearded) 6oz March 1990  Hayling Island  E.Mower
Scad 2lb 12oz  Pre 1990  Newhaven  D.Miles 
Smooth Hound 10lbs  June 1996  Bradwell  J.Manktelow 
Spur Dog 9lb 12oz  Pre 1990  Littlehampton  V.Evans 
Tope 26lbs  Pre 1990  Littlehampton  D.Mitchell 
Turbot 4lb 8oz  August 2003  Eastbourne  J.Kelly 
Whiting 3lb 1oz  March 2001  Eastbourne  J.Kelly 







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